Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Maryse def. Gail Kim
While taking time off from a career, some people look deep inside their soul and resolve to be a kinder, more sympathetic human being. Maryse isn’t one of those people. Ever since her ring return, the conceited Canadian has been on a malicious, single-minded quest: Recapture the Divas Championship.

This week, the blond beauty battled Gail Kim while Kelly Kelly served as special guest ring announcer. Kim’s tenacity appeared to match up well against Maryse, but the match ended in the blond Diva’s favor when, with the referee’s back turned, she seized the opportunity to cheat and win.

Her depravity didn’t end there. When Kelly Kelly announced the winner, Maryse insisted that she designate her “the next Divas Champion.” When Kelly Kelly refused, Maryse attacked, prompting current Divas Champion Melina to rush to her friend’s aid and jolt Maryse from the scene.

French Beauty.

Name: Maryse Ouellet
BirthDay: Jan,21,1983
Role: WWE Diva/Model
Brand: Raw
Star Sign:Aquarius (Thats Mine)
Bio: Maryse is the former Divas Champion
lost to Micke James. She was in the
2006 Divas Search
but got elimainated.
she debuted on Smackdown and lost her
debut match to Cherry
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Maryse vs Gail Kim
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